What events can I hire Elizabeth for?

Opening and Closing Energizing Keynote Speaking   *  Business Seminars  Association Conferences and Conventions * Sales Meetings * Emcee    Women’s Conferences  * Leadership Team Meetings   Youth Assemblies   College Conferences and Training Events

Anywhere you need an audience inspired, motivated, energized!

Your Audience will Leave Empowered!

Customizable Keynote Speaking Topics:


Through her real life experiences about being a US Army BlackHawk Helicopter Pilot, Elizabeth uses humor and vulnerability to share the lessons learned relating to today’s business and life.    Your audience  will be  inspired to Soar 2 Success!

Your Audience will be learn to:

  • Believe in themselves to accomplish their goals no matter what is happening around them.

  • Determine their success factor within them to focus on being their best.

  • Lead from where they are, influencing others to climb to a higher level of success.

F.L.Y.  First Lead Yourself

US. Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick, shares the secrets to her success in life and business while overcoming overwhelming obstacles as a helicopter pilot.  Real life experiences are presented with humor and candor, inspiring your audience to FLY!

Your audience will leave knowing how to:

  • Unlock the key to boosting their confidence 

  • Discover the success principle that raises their satisfaction

  • Lead with the three pillars of C.A.N. leadership 

  • Soar to a higher level of success when influencing others to lead

 New Keynote for Fall 2013:  

The P.I.L.O.T.  Method

Elizabeth reveals her business success formula, directly from her book due out in November 2013, in this motivational keynote.

Your audience will leave feeling:

  • Reignited with a passion for their abilities in business

  • Driven to lead themselves and others to a higher level of success

  • Focused and energized to act on the lessons taught in the P.I.L.O.T. Method

Have breakout sessions to fill next?

When Elizabeth is booked as your keynote speaker, you have the option to book Elizabeth for breakout session(s) the day before or after her keynote for no additional speaker fee.   Additional hotel and per diem expenses may apply.  See Breakout and workshop sessions at:  See More


Old National Bank
Mass Mutual New York New Jersey
Lockheed Martin
National Center for Policy Analysis
Young President's Organization